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Below is some in-depth video game research on why video games seem so appealing to many people...

The meteoric rise of video games over the past few decades has been unsurpassed by anything else in modern history. Video games are the new choice over television for millions of people in all age groups in countries all over the world. Even among people who are watching TV, the likelihood is that they are also playing a video game.
Based on yearly revenue, the video game industry is larger than either the movie industry or the music industry, both traditional giants among entertainment options. (1) Moreover, it is not just teenagers playing the games. Studies have shown that, although percentages drop as ages rise, even among people aged 65 and older, 23% of them play video games. (2) This leads to the very obvious question of "What makes video games so appealing?"
Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer, or a single right one. But a number of factors so seem to be present in the appeal, some fairly universal, and others more likely to be found in a smaller segment of gamers. Some reasons seem to be positive, while some are more worrisome. Most research conducted about vide games to date seems to have focused on the possibility of harmful effects rather than looking at the question of why people play them in the first place. (3) This article is an attempt to identify some of the possible factors involved in the overwhelming popularity of video games.

Sense of Control

One very widespread reason, especially among young people is the sense of control that video games afford the player. Most children do not feel they have much control over their lives. They are told virtually what to do and when to do it about almost everything in their lives. Taking on the personna of a character in a video game where they can decide all by themselves what to do, when to fight, what skills to build, what costumes to wear, is empowering. Finally there is something they can control without someone else looking over their shoulder and making them feel that perhaps they are doing something wrong. (4)

The Absence of Disadvantages

In real life there is no level playing field. Everyone does not start with the same benefits and opportunities. Children who feel disadvantaged in some way can achieve a sense of accomplishment by winning or achieving goals when everyone starts off even. Unlike real life, anyone can achieve greatness in a game. The playing field is level. All players start off the same and have the same opportunities to progress, so these games can give players a sense of self esteem, of well-being based on the fact that all things being equal, they could actually excel.


Competition is an element that has been a part of games since the beginning of time. Human beings are inherently competitive, and the benefits of competition are well known. Players with an exceptionally high thirst for competition can find much to do in the world of video games. But the added element of a storyline and great graphics help to make video games a choice over board games like chess. Competition is there just the same, but the additional elements make playing all that much more appealing.

Ideal Self

One reason video games may be so appealing is that they allow people to take on a personna that is different from themselves, to try on new hats so to speak. In many of these games there is an element of striving to be the best that one can be. The ability to adopt different virtual identities and strive towards their own ideal self can give them the experience of pleasure when they reach that goal. For example, a person whose ideal self is that of a hero, feels pleasure when they are able to rescue the fair damsel in a game. Someone who wishes to be a policeman will get pleasure out of thwarting the bad guys in the game. This striving for an ideal self is one of the few aspects of video game appeal that has actually been researched, and found to be present. (3)

Sense of Achievement

Many video games have a system of levels, whereby the player works at a task or performs certain actions toward the improvement of particular characteristics. These could be combat characteristics, where a player gains levels in such concepts as attack, strength or defense, or it could be mundane skills such as farming, woodcutting, magic or mining. Whatever the skill, reaching a new level provides the player with immediate gratification and a sense of accomplishment. Players in the game of Runescape, for example, have been known to "work" many long hours at a seemingly mundane task like clicking on a tree to chop wood in order to reach that highest level of 99. The only possible reward for doing such a thing is the sense of accomplishment reaching the final goal provides.


Ever since PONG was introduced to the public in the mid 1970s, the popularity of video games seemed to rise exponentially with each new technological advancement. But the thing that pushed the popularity of video games right into the stratosphere was the development of the massively multiplayer online role playing game or MMORPG. These massive online games that hundreds of people can be playing at the same time have elements of all the above and more. One main additional component is the addition of a community, a virtual playing field where players can talk in real time to other players fro all over the world. They can compete and they can cooperate. The can work together to get things accomplished.

It is this social aspect that many people believe is the single most important factor that causes video games to be chosen over other forms of entertainment such as movies and television. Consider how different the world is for today's younger generations than it was for their parents. The idea of making friends with people from countries all over the world, of talking to them in real time is concept their parents would never have thought possible. MMORPGs are making the world smaller. They are having an impact on the acceptance of the younger generation for people of different cultures, races, and nationalities. And it is quite possible that this aspect is responsible for the popularity of these multi-player games among adults, who did not grow up with the technology, and who therefore don’t take it for granted.

Advances in Technology

None of this could have or would have happened without the underlying advancement in technology. The rise of the Internet has allowed for the community aspect just discussed to exist in the first place. Where would World of Warcraft be if only 20 or 30 people could play it together? The constant improvements in graphics, and game capabilities is definitely a part of the appeal of video games. Every time a new version of a popular game comes out, everyone is anxious to see what the new improvements are, how much better the graphics are. There's a thrill to this discovery that makes people want to see it the minute a new game is released.

Escape From Reality

Many people play video games to escape from their real lives, for various reasons. (5) For some, it's as simple as taking time out for some fun and relaxation after a hard day at work. For others though, it's an escape from a reality that is painful to deal with. This is one of the factors that worries the medical community the most. Fear that people, especially teenagers, are giving up living a real life in favor of a virtual one, and that this will ultimately lead to negative consequences is a major concern.

Fun Factor

Another reason for the popularity of video games is that they are just plain fun. Perhaps some or all of the preceding factors are present in the fun package, but the fact that they are fun is in and of itself a reward for playing them. One can do many things in life that will produce a sense of accomplishment that are not actually fun. The very name "game" implies fun. Before there were video games there were board games, and they were fun. There were pinball games and later on arcade games and they were fun. People have always liked to play. It's a healthy offset to labor, something that helps keep us all young at heart. And isn't that the most important thing of all?
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